Six Million Dollar Woman


Marcia believed she could be on the verge of winning a role in which she might have an “Oscar moment.”


In the roles she was best known for, Marcia Hammond had played difficult women.

She had trained at Juilliard and she knew how to craft a facial reaction, taking it from what they called “zero” to “fifty” in under five seconds (a remarkable time), but because doing so correlated negatively to her physical beauty, Marcia had committed herself to the singularity of character acting.

She was not yet leading lady material, her agent told her one day that shortly followed her fortieth birthday. That is to say, she was not pretty enough to play the principle love interest, but if the right part came along, well, who knew?

A real-life role in which Marcia slayed was the late-night talk show circuit, primarily due to the good will generated by…

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